High Value Talent

IT Staff Augmentation
We are a talent agency with offices in Argentina and the United States, with more than 15 years providing services globally.

Our human capital area has a wide variety of bilingual engineers and IT talent available on-demand in your time zone.
Full lifecycle services:
Requirements gathering.
Sending resumes.
Service activation.
Performance evaluations.
Mentoring & Coaching.
Training needs assessment.
HV Talent is the ideal strategic partner for all global companies looking to expand their technological capacity.
We guarantee technical talent: We have a team of accredited engineers, PM and CTO, who validate the expertise and know-how of all our talents.

Speed: We have a large human capital department that quickly identifies the needs for the presentation of suitable and tested candidates in record time.

We have a team!

Software Developers.
QA & Testing.
Functional Analyst.
Technical Support.
Avaya Engineers.
Human Capital
We have the best jobs:
  • Work Remotely.
  • Get paid in Dollars.
  • Participate in the most challenging projects.
  • Use the latest technologies.
  • Join teams where you can use your languages on a daily basis.
  • Be part of the best team of global talents.
Our Engineering Teams together with our PMO transversely cross all service areas, guaranteeing our clients integral solutions in time and form, at a competitive price.
Onshore & Nearshore

Our nearshore teams are fully integrated with our onshore teams providing maximum value to your company using all our talent and experience.

Our strategic alliances with leading technology companies ensure that we have fast and efficient access to the necessary support and tools, allowing us to be always updated and certified in new technologies.
Global Reach

We support all implementations and projects regardless of their geographic location. We have the experience and language talents necessary to ensure that our services can be provided globally.

Absolute and exclusive. Our team will work tirelessly to meet the time and budget objectives agreed with our clients.
Loyalty Programs

We take care of the customers who stay with us for a long time, giving them the possibility to access special prices and Premium scopes for support and licensing.
Customized Solutions

Developments tailored to the needs of the market. We have the flexibility to adapt to the different realities of the client.
Build as a Service: Our team of engineers and talents work side by side with the client's team to define, design and develop solutions from start to finish.
Team Augmentation: Our dedicated talent team works cross-functionally to meet the needs of the project at any stage of the project.
Consulting: Our technology experts are full available to complement and enhance your existing team in various disciplines.
Accelerate talent acquisition.
Reducing implementation times.
Reducing costs.
Dedicated and specialized talent.
Work in similar time zones.
Engineers certified in the implementation of telecommunications solutions (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft).
Groups of certified Project & Delivery Managers (PMI, Scrum, ITIL).
Databases, cloud solutions, consulting, upgrades and storage.
Experienced consulting and auditing services for every area of competence.
  • Remote, on-site, on-demand and in-house technical support service.
  • Ticket and incident resolution.
Experienced professionals in the development and implementation of applications.
Universal Telemetry
Our talent pool allowed us to build, in a multidisciplinary way and with the best technological team, the first universal Telemetry platform.
Our platform is universal in scope because it allows us to connect any sensor on the market to provide services to all industries.
We are owners and manufacturers of the entire platform: we fully develop all the electronics of our devices, as well as the monitoring software.
Our platform is made up of completely wireless electronic Gateways and Devices where the sensors are connected and transmit the information to the cloud or private server, displaying the measurements in real time in our software (UControl).

Refrigerated chambers

Measure in real time: Temperature, humidity, door opening and closing, power outages and chamber pressure.

Field & Agro

Silobags: CO2, temperature, humidity, movement and GPS.
Soil: Temperature, humidity, NKP, Ph and conductivity.
Water: Levels, quality, conductivity, Ph, ORP and temperature.
Animals: GPS.
Feedlot: Gases.

Measure noise and pollution levels, temperature of your boilers and transformers. Control lighting levels. Connect your industry to our platform to always stay ahead.

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